Strategic Warfare

Strategic Warfare

Welcome to Strategic Warfare,

We play Territory War Online and Territory War 3We strive to be the best like we were in TWO in the late 2012. To be the best you must take out the best, which is what we plan on doing here ~Scourge. The clan was founded by Ken and Kick for TW3. Always have fun and most importantly , D.S.SDon't Stop Shooting

Banning Rules

First Ban is 1 hour

Second Ban is 3 hour

Third ban is 24 hours

Fourth ban is 48 hours

Fifth will be an auto forever ban.

Please try and follow this banning procedure even if someone starts anything. Also do not ban a person for something he or she may have been punish already that's been dealt with yesterday, the day before, or any other time period.

News Update

  • New Page was added "TW3 Clans" now you will be able to search for other clans faster and i also add a skill level basic on what the clan should be. Its not 100% accurate since it's only in 3 skill levels but it should be enough for you to picture what they are and aren't capable of. ~Ken  
  • All members are allowed to call wars just remember the main important thing to do after a war,BLOG.Or else ill have to stop this free will I'm giving out. Just remember this is all about having fun; don't care about winning just play, get better, and BLOG. I'm serious about the BLOG (d) The key thing into this is the BLOG ~Ken

War Record: 219-118 (Win Streak:3 ) Longest Streak: 14                             



A person can challenge someone up one class rank. Play best 2/3 games to win the rank. If the challenger lost they will just stay in the same class. A person can decline a challenge up to two times. A (Open Spot) means there's a free spot open for you to take, but you need to find someone in the same rank as you to play for it.  Remember to blog, win or lose. 

Mastermind's a game best 3/5




KSP   (open)   SK8


W3ll   Ice   Andrew   Jay   KO

Death  TheBeast   Greenhx   Bladed    Omni   Kick   





 People Who don't like to be annoyed 24/7 to do ranks  




 Name Colors Meanings

 Blue: Members       White: Moderators       Orange:Owners       Special Colors: Mains        

Strategic-Warfare Titles


1v1: Ken

2v2: Ken

3v3: Ken




Grenades only: Sk8

No Build: Ken

Cove: Sk8

Graveyard: Ken

City: Sk8


Circus: W3ll

Castle ll: 

Island II: Ken

Volcano: Ken

Tag Team: (open)       

Best Member: 

Best Mod:

Best Owner: Sk8

Standard: Sk8

Blitz: Ken


Base Capture:           

Most titles: Ken(9)

Members Personal War Rec:            Win Streak       LWS         

Kick            108-82                 57%                   7                7(2) 

Ken          111-31             78%               2             16

Sk8              55-23                  71%                   6                 7  

Ksp              23-12                  66%                   1                 6

W3ll             12 -7                   63%                    3                 5 

Ice             14-11               56%                 0               6          

Jay             12-5                 71%                          

Kankers      4-10                29%                 0                2    

KO                  2-0                  100%                    2                  2 

Former War Recs:

Crazy         95-84                 53%                   8 

Jay          11-5              69%                           

Puri             12-13              48%                      0                   6 

Reveng      7-3           70%

Omni         7-6           54%

Kalli              6-7                 46% 

Fred          1-2            33%                                                       

Opium        3-1           75%      

Haze          3-3           50%        

Jonny           3-4                   43%                             

Ave               2-2                   50%                    

Twist            2-1                   67%                     

Dazer           1-0                  100% 

Perfect          1-0                 100%                1                   1